Writing a Book For Yourself?


I found myself eager to write my second book, a vignette and experiencing severe writer’s block. I have never had it before- usually my ideas flow easily and plentiful. I realized that my husband was to blame. He likes to shoot ideas at me, juicy situations that readers might like to see in print. This leaves me sitting toiling over the content of my book like a scared novice. I know how I like to write but should I write from the heart or for the sake of marketing my book, that is to say, not being true to my own writing style? My style is what I like to consider as “vintage” and I have always felt I did my best work in this style. It is not contemporary but I am proud of the style and the outcome. So as I started my second work, trying to think like a contemporary for the sake of my husband, I questioned myself. I stumbled and went blank. I worked through it but it felt like some other author wrote it. So I wonder, and appeal to other writers out there-is it best to write for the market or stay true to oneself and hope there is a market for something unique?


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